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Product Focus

Firetuf FTP120 Fire Resistant
Power Cable

Firetuf FTP120

Draka's Firetuf FTP120 is a Halogen Free Low Smoke (OHLS®) fire resistant cable that is designed to maintain circuit integrity when exposed to fire and flame. [more]

Draka - The world's most trusted cable brand

As a successful international cable manufacturer nobody knows more about cable than Draka. Through a continual programme of research and development, Draka lead the way with a world beating range of premium quality cables that meet and often exceed British Standards and are fully BASEC approved.

Draka is a major supplier to the construction industry, with a complete range of housewiring and low voltage supply cables, for use in domestic premises, commercial office developments and public buildings, such as retail business parks, hospitals and sports complexes. In addition to this general range of energy cables, the company is a market leader in the production of fire retardant cables and addresses the needs of a host of specific, individual markets and applications.



Draka's "Rogue Cable" campaign uses innovative video techniques to reinforce their position as the world's most trusted cable brand.

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London Underground

Cables for London Underground

Several of our cable designs have been approved by London Underground, including Saffire, our armoured range of power cables.

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Cable Markings

With no markings on a cable it’s difficult to ascertain its origins and also whether you can trust that it’s a product that is safe to install.

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Draka Marine, Oil & Gas

Draka Marin Oil and Gas

For over 30 years Draka has supplied oil and engineering companies, shipyards and utilities with safe, reliable wire and cable solutions.

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