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A market leading range of high quality cables

Draka has a wide ranging portfolio of low voltage cables for all requirements. They have been developed for standard and bespoke applications and supplied to industry and infrastructure markets worldwide.

Building on our traditional design strengths and experience, we embrace technological advances to drive the market forward. The Draka name is a hallmark guaranteeing quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on delivering that guarantee. Draka sets the standards for others to follow.

This has resulted in a remarkable range of low voltage cables for just about every application you can think of. Of particular note is "Firetuf", our market-leading brand of halogen free, low smoke fire performance cables. The Firetuf range comprises cables which maintain essential functions in the event of fire. Applications include: fire alarms and emergency lighting, coaxial CCTV monitoring and power and data transmission.

The correct selection and installation of these products ensures that in the event of an emergency, systems can continue to function and crucially, people can evacuate buildings safely.