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Draka's unique cable sizing calculator iPhone App gives you access to the technical support and product information you need for all your electrical wiring and cabling requirements.

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Online Cable Sizing Calculator

The online cable sizing calculator provides all of the features of the iPhone app available directly from your browser.

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Cable Calculator Cable Guide

Draka Cable Name Typical Cable Name
Energy 694-xlh PVC SWA (2 3 and 4 core)
Saffire 694-lsh OHLS (halogen Free) SWA (2 3 and 4 core)
FTP Fire rated SWA to BS 7846 NOT BS8519 rated
FTP120 Fire rated SWA to BS 7846 IS BS8519 rated
Saffire 694AWLSH OHLS (halogen Free) AWA single cores
Saffire 6491B OHLS single cores (not fire rated)
Wiring 6491X PVC single cores
Wiring Tri rated PVC Panel wires
Wiring 6242Y PVC twin and earth
Saffire 6242B OHLS twin and earth