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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FT Coaxial Cable

The Firetuf FT Coaxial Cable is a fire resistant Halogen Free, Low Smoke (OHLS®) coaxial cable for visual safety systems.

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

This cable is a Fire resistant 75? Coaxial similar to RG59. The Firetuf FT Coaxial is ideal for CCTV, security, smoke detection and evacuation monitoring applications, where continued functionality is required during a fire situation. Due to the Halogen Free low smoke construction Firetuf Coaxial is ideal for use in public, commercial and industrial environments.

Firetuf FT Coaxial fire resistant coaxial cable : Construction
Conductor:   Plain annealed copper wire.
Insulation:   Dual layer Polyethylene and Silicone rubber.
Binder:   Close weave glass tape.
Screen:   Two layers plain copper wire braid.
Sheath:   Thermoplastic Halogen Free Low Smoke (OHLS®) compound.

Firetuf FT Coaxial fire resistant coaxial cable : Physical Characteristics
Min. bending radius:   Installation: 10 x overall diameter. Fixed: 5 x overall diameter.
Temperature range:   Installation: -5șC to +60șC. Operating: -30șC to +70șC
Conductor Diameter:   0.65mm.
Overall Diameter:   9.1mm
Approximate weight:   110 kg/km

Firetuf FT Coaxial fire resistant coaxial cable : Electrical Characteristics @ 20ºC
Character impedance:       Ω(ohms)   75±5
Attenuation at (nominal):   0,5Mhz   dB/100m   0.65
    1Mhz   dB/100m   0.90
    5Mhz   dB/100m   2.24
    10Mhz   dB/100m   3.35
    100Mhz   dB/100m   15.03
    300Mhz   dB/100m   32.51
Screening Attenuation :   30-1000Mhz   dB   >100
    1000-2000Mhz   dB   >95
    2000-3000Mhz   dB   >89
Transfer impedence:   5-30Mhz   mΩ/m   ≤5
    Velocity ratio   %   61.4
    DC resistance        
    Inner conductor   Ω/km   55.3
    Outer conductor   Ω/km   3.7
    Return loss        
    5-30Mhz   dB   >22
    30-470Mhz   dB   >22
    470-1000Mhz   dB   >18
    1000-3000Mhz   dB   >20
    Electrical strength(1min.)        
    Dielectric   kV d.c.   2.00
    Sheath   kV d.c.   3.75

Firetuf FT Coaxial fire resistant coaxial cable : Standards Achieved
Construction:   BS EN 50117-1 & draft BS EN 50117-2-4 2002,
EN 50083-2/A1 screening class A
Circuit integrity:   BS 5839-1:2002 Clause 26.2e Enhanced
BS 8434-2:2003
BS EN 50200 >PH120
IEC 60331-23
Flame propagation:   IEC 60332-3
Acid gas emission:   IEC 60754
Smoke emission:   IEC 601034

 Download the individual data sheet for Firetuf Coaxial circuit integrity coaxial cable

 Download the Draka Cables Brochure to see the whole range of fire performance cables by Draka

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