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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FT Connecta Modular Wiring System

Draka’s Firetuf FT Connecta System is a fire resistant Halogen Free, Low Smoke (OHLS®) modular wiring system. Utilising the FT Connecta system offers time and cost saving benefits whilst maintaining the highest level of fire safety.

The Connecta system provides solutions for lighting and power supplies in tunnel environments and has been installed in the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), London Underground, Heathrow Terminal 5 Tunnels, Dublin Port Tunnel and the Singapore Mass Transit Network (MRT) amongst others.

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

Based on Draka’s range of Firetuf power cables or armoured Halogen Free low smoke OHLS® cable, Connecta is available in both fire resistant and flame retardant designs, and also offers ingress protection to IP 67.

Every Connecta system is designed with the clients preset lengths between moulded socket outlets, which are unique to each installation. Secondary outputs are taken from the primary cables via moulded plugs to individual appliances. The system is therefore, easy to install by suitably qualified personnel and requires minimal maintenance.

Available in the size range 2.5mm2 to 50mm2 and manufactured to the bespoke requirements of the client, the Firetuf FT Connecta system offers a time and cost effective solution to a variety of safety critical applications.

The Firetuf Connecta system has been installed in a number of high profile locations including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (now known as High Speed 1 or HS1), London Underground tunnels and Heathrow Terminal 5 Tunnels. It has additionally been used by the Highways agency to reduce tunnel down times in projects such as Holmesdale and Bell Common on the M25 and also the new Hindhead Tunnel. The Firetuf FT Connecta system offers the following benefits:

• Reduced installation time
• Reduced installation costs
• Minimum maintenance requirements
• Lightweight and compact jointing system
• System flexibility to meet clients positioning requirements
• Circuit integrity equivalent to BS 6387 C,W& Z
• Ingress protection to IP 67

Small Connecta
Large Connecta
Extra Large Connecta
Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)
Weight (Kg)

 Download the individual data sheet for Firetuf Connecta modular wiring system

 Download the Draka Cables Brochure to see the whole range of fire performance cables by Draka

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