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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FT Data Cable

Draka's Firetuf FT Data Cable is a fire resistant, circuit integrity structured Wiring Alarm cable. The Firetuf FT Data cable is based on the design for structured wiring (found in IEC 61156 and BS EN 50288). This is a fire resistant wiring alarm cable that brings together high frequency data transmission and circuit integrity in a one pair, two pair and four pair cable that will continue to transmit data even when being directly attacked by fire.

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

The Firetuf FT Data Cable is compatible with all known connection systems according to EN 50173 and has successfully passed BS 5839: 2002 test protocols. This patented design allows the continuation of data transmission in the event of a fire.

The Firetuf FT Data cable has three designs: one, two and four pair construction all using the same wire size of 0.63mm, overall screened plus a drain wire and braided.

Firetuf FT Data fire resistant wiring alarm cable : Physical Characteristics
Min. Installation Bend Radius:   8 x Dia.
Min. Fixed Bending Radius:   6 x Dia.
Installation Temp. Range:   0°C to 50°C.
Installed Operating Temp. Range:   -20°C to 60°C.

Firetuf FT Data fire resistant wiring alarm cable : Electrical Characteristics @20ºC
Structural Return Loss Rl:   >IEC dB.
Characteristic Impedance @10MHz:   100±5Ω.
DC Conductor Loop Resistance:   <19Ω/100m.
Max. Resistance unbalance:   ≤2%.
Nominal Velocity of Propagation:   57%.
Max. Capacitance unbalance:   1600 pF/km.
Insulation Resistance (500V):   ≥5000 MΩ.km.

Firetuf FT Data fire resistant wiring alarm cable : Standards Achieved
ISO/IEC 11801:1994; EN 50173:1995; EN 50288-2-1
Circuit Integrity:   BS 5839-1:2002 Clause 26.2e Enhanced
BS 8434-2:2003
BS EN 50200 >PH120
IEC 60331-23
BS 6387 C
Flame propagation:   UL 1581 VW1; IEC 60332.3
Acid gas emission:   IEC 60754
Smoke emission:   IEC 61034

Part No.
Nominal Diameter (mm)
Approx. Weight (Kg/Km)
1 pair
2 pair
4 pair

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