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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FT EMC fire resistant alarm cable

Draka’s Firetuf FT EMC cable is a fire resistant alarm cable that was specifically developed to meet the onerous requirements for immunity to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

The Firetuf FT EMC alarm cable has been supplied for use at London Heathrow Terminal 5. In airport environments, such as that at London Heathrow, where higher than normal levels of electro magnetic radiation are present, alarm systems could be vulnerable to false alarms.

The Firetuf FT EMC is a Halogen Free, Low Smoke (OHLS®) cable, and it maintains circuit integrity when exposed to fire, meeting the Standard category of BS 5839-1:2002. Manufactured to BS 7629-1. Tested and approved by LPCB and BASEC.

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

The Firetuf FT EMC cable is suitable for installations where a fire situation may pose a major hazard and the maintenance of circuit integrity is a requirement, thereby giving increased protection to life and property. Application of the latest sheath extrusion technology and 100% cover electrostatic screen, gives Firetuf FT EMC alarm cable its unique advantages which include:

• Increased immunity to EMI
• Lower termination costs
• Ease of handling and installation
• Twisted core construction to improve signal clarity
• Available in long length
• Suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas

Firetuf FT EMC fire resistant alarm cable : Construction
Conductors:   Solid or stranded plain annealed copper wire.
Insulation:   Silicone rubber.
Binder:   Close weave glass tape.
Electrostatic screen:   Enhanced aluminium/polyester laminated tape.
Conductor (earth):   Solid or stranded tinned annealed copper.
Sheath:   High performance, Thermoplastic Halogen Free, Low Smoke
(OHLS®) compound.

Firetuf FT EMC fire resistant alarm cable : Physical Characteristics
Voltage rating (Uo/U):   300/500V.
Operating temp:   -40ºC to +90ºC (The cable should not be flexed when
either the ambient or cable temperature is below 0ºC).
Min. bending radius:   6 x overall diameter of cable.

Firetuf FT EMC fire resistant alarm cable : Standards Achieved
Circuit integrity   BS 5839-1:2002 Clause 26.2d Standard.
BS 8434-1:2003.
BS EN 50200 PH30.
BS 6387 C, W & Z.
Flame propagation:   IEC 60332-3, IEC 60332-1, BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266.
Acid gas emission:   IEC 60754, BS EN 50267.
Smoke emission:   IEC 61034, BS EN 50268.

Clip & Gland Selection Chart

Clip and nylon gland references are for white, if red is required add the letter “R” after the clip or gland coding.
* Clips for 2 or 3 cables.
** For ’Enhanced’ performance with Firetuf Plus, A2 brass glands should be used for through joints.
** For Hazardous Areas, flameproof A2F brass glands should be used.

Approvals and Jointing

Left: Firetuf EASYSTRIP Multicore LPCB Ref.No 361d
Right: Firetuf EASYSTRIP BASEC Ref.No 004/004/218

All of Draka’s Firetuf fire resistant cables are tested and Certified by LPCB and BASEC to the latest edition of appropriate Standards.

Appropriately jointed Firetuf fire resistant cables continue to provide circuit integrity up to the full BS 5839 rating.

BS 5839-1:2002 recommends that fire resistant cables are installed without joints if possible. When through joints are used, all terminations and other accessories should be such as to minimise the probability of early failure in the event of a fire.

Current Rating and Associated Volt Drop
BS 7629 limits maximum conductor temperature (unless enclosed) to 70ºC

* As defined in Appendix 4 of BS 7671, the IEE Wiring Regulations, 16th Edition.
Conductor operating temperature: 70ºC. Ambient temperature: 30ºC

 Download the individual data sheet for Firetuf emc circuit integrity alarm cable

 Download the Draka Cables Brochure to see the whole range of fire performance cables by Draka

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