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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FTP Fire Performance Power Cable

The Firetuf FTP Fire Rated Energy Cable is a zero halogen low smoke fire performance cable (OHLS®) with stranded copper conductors and a protective armour layer.

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

Firetuf FTP fire performance cables offer the advantages of a 600/1000 Volt rated Halogen, Free, Low Smoke (OHLS®)  armoured cable with circuit integrity. This type of armoured fire resistant, flame retardant cable is intended for use in installations where vital circuits are required to continue operation in the event of the outbreak of fire.

Firetuf FTP fire performance power cable is particularly suited for use in public buildings and constructions (such as hospitals, theatres, shopping developments, tunnels, mass transit railways, oil & petrochemical plants, power stations and computer installations) where the danger to life, equipment and structures may be greatly increased in the event of a power failure due to fire.

Manufactured to BS 7846, it is tested and approved by LPCB and BASEC. Also available in un-armoured cable design. Details available upon request.

Firetuf FTP fire retardant energy cable: Construction  
Conductors:   Plain annealed stranded copper conductors. For sizes up to and including 35mm2 these are circular. Shaped conductors start at 50mm2 with the exception of 2 core cables where shaped conductors start at 25mm2.
Insulation:   Mica-glass fire-resistant tapes, covered by an extruded layer of cross-linked polyethylene.
Binder:   Polyester tape.
Bedding:   An extruded layer of Zero Halogen, Low Smoke (OHLS®) compound.
Armour:   Single layer of galvanised steel wires.
Sheath:   Thermoplastic Zero Halogen, Low Smoke (OHLS®) compound.

Firetuf FTP fire retardant energy cable: Physical Characteristics  
Voltage rating (Uo/U):   600/1000V.
Operating temp:   -40°C to +90°C (The cable should not be flexed when
either the ambient or cable temperature is below 0°C).
Min. bending radius:   8 x overall diameter of cable.
Current rating:   Refer to table 4E4A or 4E4B of BS7671, ERA 69-30 pt V
Note: In the event of a fire, the increase in impedance may require consideration to the installation of larger conductor sizes, to accommodate motor starting loads and the performance of protective conductors.

Firetuf FTP fire retardant energy cable: Standards Achieved  
Circuit integrity   IEC 60331, BS 7846 F2, BS 6387 categories C, W & Z.
Acid gas emission:   IEC 60754, BS EN 50267.
Flame propagation:   IEC 60332-3, BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266.
Smoke emission:   IEC 61034, BS EN 50268.


Firetuf FTP fire performance energy cable : Technical Data

Shaped conductors unless otherwise stated.
* Circular conductors

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