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Draka Firetuf Cables – Firetuf FT Sifer fire resistant power cable

Draka's Firetuf FT Sifer Cable is a fire resistant, Zero Halogen Low Smoke (OHLS®) single core power cable that demonstrates enhanced circuit integrity when exposed to fire. Tested and approved by LPCB and approved by London underground (LU) for single core applications (BS7211 equivalent).

Firetuf Plus Enhanced

The Firetuf FT Sifer cables range is designed for drawing the cables into trunking and conduit where a fire situation may pose a major hazard, and where the maintenance of fire resistant circuit integrity is a requirement. To achieve optimum performance the Firetuf FT Sifer cable should be installed in a metal conduit.

Firetuf FT Sifer fire resistant power cable : Construction
Conductors:   Stranded plain annealed copper wire conductor.
Insulation:   Mica-glass fire resistant tape covered by an extruded layer of cross-linked Halogen Free, Low Smoke (OHLS®) insulating compound.

Firetuf FT Sifer fire resistant power cable : Physical Characteristics
Voltage rating (Uo/U):   600/1000V.
Operating temp:   -40°C to +90°C (The cable should not be flexed when
either the ambient or cable temperature is below 0°C).
Min. bending radius:   8 x overall diameter of cable.

Firetuf FT Sifer fire resistant power cable : Standards Achieved
Circuit integrity   BS 6387 categories C, W & Z (when applied to a single cable)
Exceeds IEC 60331 - 3 hours at 750°C - when the test temperature was increased to 950°C, equivalent to BS 6387 Category C. (This test was also satisfactorily applied to Sifer cable in an earthed metal conduit, as per LPCB guidance notes).
Flame propagation:   IEC 60332-1, BS EN 50265, IEC 60332-3, BS EN 50266.
Acid gas emission:   IEC 60754-1, BS EN 50267-2-1.
Smoke emission:   IEC 61034, BS EN 50268.

A full range of insulation colours is available for the Firetuf FT Sifer range including green/yellow.
Sheathed versions of these cables are also available - details available upon request.

 Download the individual data sheet for Firetuf Sifer circuit integrity energy cable

 Download the Draka Cables Brochure to see the whole range of fire performance cables by Draka

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