Low Voltage Cables



Draka Flexible Cables – PVC flexible cables for a range of indoor and outdoor applications

As a world leading cable manufacturer, Draka is a key supplier of flexible cables for all applications. These include PVC flexible cords for general purpose use with domestic appliances and portable tools and rubber flexible cables for application where PVC sheathed cable is not suitable.

The H07RNF rubber flexible cables are supplied for flexible connection to industrial and agricultural plant and on construction sites. Draka’s flexible rubber cables are used in situations where PVC types would not be suitable, such as hot, cold or damp environments.

For outdoor use, where low temperature performance is required, a range of arctic grade PVC flexible cables are available. Flexible control flexes are supplied in YY, CY and SY designs for industrial machinery and plant engineering.

Tri-rated, high temperature wiring for the internal connection within electrical panels of equipment is also available.

All Draka flexible cables are manufactured to the appropriate UK or harmonized specifications and hold the appropriate British Safety certification and approvals.

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