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Draka Power Cables – 694-XLH Industrial SWA Power Cable

STANDARD: This industrial SWA power cable is manufactured to BS 5467


APPLICATION: This industrial armoured power cable is suitable for industrial wiring and mains distribution. The cable can be laid direct in the ground, or in ducts, clipped to surface, on trays or in free air. The industrial power cable can also be embedded in concrete.

CONSTRUCTION: Single, Two, Three, Four and Five core cables. Stranded plain copper conductors, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulated, cores laid up, extruded PVC bedding, galvanised SWA steel wire armoured (Aluminium wires for single cores) and PVC sheathed.

Single core cable: Brown or Blue.
Two core cable: Brown and Blue.
Three core cable: Brown, Black and Grey.
Four core cable: Brown, Black, Grey and Blue.
Five core cable: Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow and Blue.

SHEATH COLOUR: PVC sheathed in black. Other colours available to order.

BASEC: Certified

MINIMUM BENDING RADIUS: 6D circular conductors, 8D shaped conductors

MAXIMUM CONDUCTOR TEMPERATURE: 90°C.  Note: Where a conductor operates at a temperature exceeding 70°C it shall be ascertained that the equipment connected to the conductor is suitable for the conductor operating temperature (see regulation 512-1 of BS7671, the 17th Edition of IEE Wiring Regulations).

CURRENT RATING: Refer to tables 4E4A & 4E4B in BS7671 or ERA 69-30 Pt. V

Cables with reduced Flame Propagation and designs with alternative core identification are available to order.

Shaped conductors unless otherwise stated.
* Circular, non-compacted, conductors. # Compacted circular conductors.

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