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Draka Wiring Cables – 6491X PVC Insulated and non-sheathed general single core wiring cable

STANDARD: This single core wiring cable is manufactured to BS 6004

VOLTAGE RATING: 450/750V (1mm2 300/500V)
When installed in an earthed metal enclosure, cables are suitable for voltages up to 1000V a.c. or up to 750V to earthed.c.

APPLICATION: This PVC insulated and non-sheathed single core wiring cable is suitable for industrial wiring, these cables are intended for installing into trunking and conduit. These cables may also be used inside fixed, protected installation such as light fitting, appliances, switchgear and control gear.

CONSTRUCTION: Single core cable. Solid or stranded plain copper conductor, PVC insulated only.

INSULATION COLOURS: Black, Brown, Yellow†, Blue, Red, Green/Yellow, Grey, Orange, Pink, Turquoise and Violet. White is also available.

BASEC: Certified


CURRENT RATING: Refer to tables 4D1A & 4D1B in BS7671

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