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Saffire Railsure - LU approved single core cable

London Underground approved cable for use where applications require a BS7211 single core. SAFFIRE RAILSURE has been specifically developed to meet the onerous testing requirements demanded by LU, particularly the stringent vertical flame propagation within LU 1-085, where no melting and dripping of flaming debris is allowed. Saffire Railsure now has full LU approval in accordance with LU 1-085 in the size range 1.5-630mm.

Saffire Railsure

STANDARD: BS 7211/LU 1-085


APPLICATION: Industrial wiring installations where smoke and acidic gases would pose a major hazard in the event of fire. These cables are intended for drawing into trunking and conduit. They may also be used inside fixed, protected installations such as light fittings, appliances, switchgear and control gear, which are to be used in higher temperature zones.

Single core cable. Stranded plain copper conductor, thermosetting Zero Halogen Low Smoke (OHLS®) insulation.

INSULATION COLOURS: Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow from stock. Other colours subject to MOQ’s.

Note: Where a conductor operates at a temperature exceeding 70°C it shall be ascertained that the equipment connected to the conductor is suitable for the conductor operating temperature (see regulation 512-1-2 of BS7671, the 17th Edition of IEE Wiring Regulations)

CURRENT RATING: Refer to tables 4E1A & 4E1B in BS7671

Overall Fire Performance: Compliant with LU Specification 1-085 in all respects.
Smoke emission: LU 1-085, IEC 61034 , BS EN 50268
Acid gas emission: IEC 60754-1, BS EN 50267-2-1
Flame propagation: LU 1-085, IEC 60332-3, BS EN 50266
Toxic Fume Emission: LU 1-085

 Download the individual data sheet for Swiftfit Railsure LU approved single core cable

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